Courage, Growth, Acceptance, & Self-Love

“Skin Like Mine” by Tiffany Elle Burgess (illustrated by Takeia Marie) explores the intricacies of intra-racism in the African American community through the story of a 10-year- old girl, Brittany Baker. Loosely based on Ms. Burgess’ own experiences as a child, the reader is introduced to Brittany, a happy-go- lucky girl who has a style of her own and enjoys tap-dancing and spending quality time with her family. After her father accepts a new job, Brittany and her family move to Georgia from Illinois. This means a new school and an opportunity to make new friends for Brittany….or does it?

Everything is going well for Brittany until she meets a group of kids at the after school program. For the first time in her life, young Brittany is made to feel ashamed of the way she looks. “Skin Like Mine” describes Brittany’s courageous journey from self-doubt to self-acceptance. Short enough to retain the attention of an 8-year-old child yet impactful enough to inspire a 12-year-old preteen, “Skin Like Mine” will speak to anyone, regardless of race, sex, or ethnicity, who has ever struggled to love the skin they are in!